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I went to Roopkund Trek with Chahat in summer 2018 (luckily, just before the Trek was closed). Chahat is an amazing trek leader, very knowledgeable and great manager. During the trek, you will find him being the strictest person in the pack, while in the evenings and leisure time, he is equally fun. The most amazing this is his ability to keep the group together, no matter how fast or slow anyone is and is completely responsible for every person's safety and good health.

When one of our trek mates faced health issues in the midst of the trek, he brilliantly was managed to ensure that neither the group is delayed, nor our friend is left behind, while taking his good care. Kudos to Chahat for his skills and all of us shall ever be grateful to him for his attitude and abilities which he displayed with our group, despite all the challenges!!

Prashant Kumar


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